Are you a student or non-technical employee at an institution?

If you have questions about eduroam, you should contact your institution. They are responsible for the eduroam setup locally, and will be able to help setting up your clients.

You can visit your institutions helpdesk to get more information. Most institutions have a helpdesk function on campus, or available on-line. For a list of institutions providing eduroam please see realmstatus

Do you represent the IT department of your institution?

If your institution has not joined eduroam yet, please consider becoming an eduroam SP and IdP. Your students and employees will be able to connect to eduroam world-wide, this also includes internet access on Norwegian airports.

Sikt is the organisation where Norwegian institutions can apply to join eduroam. Sikt can help setting up RADIUS, and will add your RADIUS server to the national eduroam server. Please contact us via after reading the instructions on joining eduroam.