Download your eduroam profile

Or use the following one-line to install from the command-line

curl '' | bash

Linux Instructions

The installer is in the form of a Python script. It will try to configure eduroam® under NetworkManager and if this is either not appropriate for your system or your version of NetworkManager is too old, a wpa_supplicant config file will be created instead.

The installer will configure access to: eduroam®

The installer will create cat_installer sub-directory in your config directory (possibly the .config in your home directory) and will copy your server certificates there.In order to connect to the network you will need an account from your organisation. You should consult the support page to find out how this account can be obtained. It is very likely that your account is already activated.

You will be requested to enter your account credentials during the installation. This information will be saved so that you will reconnect to the network automatically each time you are in the range.


SINTEF eduroam, CA 2023

If you encounter problems you should ask for help at your home institution.